222 nm Far-UVC Disinfection Filter

Incorporated with a LCD control board and a motion sensor, the Volta Disinfection Filter is designed to work superbly with 222 nm Far-UVC Excimer lamps. To ensure the highest level of safety and quality, the product goes through multiple tests including Microbiological Effectiveness Test and BACL (222m, wavelength test). Volta is mercury-free and is compatible for varying temperatures, making it a valuable asset to use in and guard any occupied and unoccupied space.


Schools, Hospitals, Restaurants, Office Buildings, Retail Spaces, Hotels, Lobbies, Public Toilets, Buses, Airplanes, Other Vehicles, Public Transportation Hubs, Commercial Locations, Industrial Parks

Power 5 W
20 W
Dimensions Φ 8.26 x 2.30 in
Φ 9.64 x 2.85 in
Effective UV Intensity (With Filter) 19354.8 μW/in²
19354.8 μW/in²
UV Wavelength Far-UVC 222 nm
Voltage AC 100 V-240 V Frequency 50/60 Hz
Operating Temperature 14 °F to 122 °F Expected Lifespan 3000+ Hours
Safety Requirement Mercury-Free Storage Environment Dry and Ventilated Environment
Beam Angle 60° Optional Function Motion Sensor And Timer Module
Material Quartz Glass , ABS, Aluminum Alloy

  • Effective in killing viruses, molds, bacteria, and spores

  • Does not cause irritation to eyes or skin

  • Mercury-free with minimal ozone emission

  • Has 222 nm peak wavelength

  • Integrated PIR sensor that allows automated operations

  • Incorporates LCD control board with remote control

  • Compatible for wide operating temperature

  • Has an instantaneous on/off function