UVC Disinfection High Bay

The Stalwart UVC Lamp is a highly capable UVC Disinfection High Bay Lamp. Its design incorporates the latest non-visible high-precision UVC chip for effective disinfection. As part of its operating procedure, this potent UVC disinfectant luminaire also sounds an alarm to notify its occupants before it turns on to avoid any harmful exposure. Additionally, the four light modules are also adjustable to allow the disinfecting light to be directed to vertical surfaces.


Retail, Work Places, Food Services, Restrooms

Power 50 W, 100 W, 150 W, 200 W Voltage 100 - 277 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 17 x 17 x 6 in Weight 13 lbs
Power Factor > 0.95 Coverage Area 400, 800,1200,1600 sq ft
Operating Temperature - 40 °F to + 104 °F Disinfection Time 5 s to 2 hours
Radiant Flux 595 - 2380 mW (UVC) Wavelength 260 nm + 340 nm
Sterilization Efficiency >99.99% Sterilization Technology UVC + UVA
Driver Meanwell Housing Aluminum cooling fin
Heat Dissipation Aluminum Heat Sink + Cooling Fan Warranty 3 Years
Beam Angle 120° Operating Hours >20,000 h
Installation Iron Chain Installation, Swing Pipe Installation

Reduced Operational Costs in comparison to legacy UV fluorescent lamps

8 times more UVC output and lasts 5 times longer than legacy UV lamps

Integrated alarm to notify users before it turns on to avoid UVC radiation

Easy installation and operation just like any ordinary High Bay light

Devoid to mercury and ozone emissions

Allows pathogen free environment at the flick of a switch

Silent disinfection operation without any indoor pollution