UVC + Atomizer Spray Disinfection Robot

The Sani Bot UVC + Atomizer Spray Disinfection Robot uses the combination of a certified ultrasonic disinfectant spray device and short wave UVC light to sterilize both air and surfaces. It features an intelligent navigation system and autonomous charging for contactless sanitization and disinfection.


Schools, Colleges, Universities, Factories, Hospitals, Hotels.

Power 90 W, 150 W Voltage 110 - 277 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 20 X 20 X 53 in Weight 154 lbs
Wavelength 253.7 nm Operating Temperature 32 °F - 113 °F
Air Volume The fog output is 2-4 l/h, and the spray diameter is less than 10 µm Working Time Continuously for more than 8 Hours
Disinfectant Capacity 15 L Maximum Climbing Angle ≤ 5°
Battery Capacity DC 48 V 15 Ah Maximum Moving Speed 1 m/s
The Network Interface WIFI / 4G / Bluetooth Standby Time More Than 48 Hours
Work Environment Indoor Environment, Flat smooth ground Charging Type Automatic / Manual Charging
Power Factor > 0.90 Input Voltage Charging Pile and Adapter input rated Voltage 220 V / 50 Hz
Highly Efficient Sterilization

Short wave UVC ultraviolet lamp + Disinfectant atomizer. Ensures disinfection even in dead corners

Autonomous Navigation

Uses laser-guided navigation to detect obstacles and operate efficiently without getting stuck.

Intelligent Contactless Operation

Independently completes disinfection tasks and autonomously charges once low on power.

Medical Grade UVC Disinfection Lamp

Ultraviolet disinfection lamp following Technical specifications for medical disinfection. Its radiation intensity is greater than 70 uW/cm2.