UVC + Anionic Disinfection Robot

The Puro Bot UVC + Anionic Disinfection Robot uses UVC surface and anionic air disinfection. The robot platform is characterized by an autonomous guidance system making it perfect and suitable for disinfecting every nook and cranny.


Schools, Colleges, Universities, Factories, Hospitals, Hotels.

Voltage 110 - 277 V, 50/60 Hz Dimension 2 x 2 x 53 in
Weight 110 lbs Wavelength 253.7 nm
Navigation Autonomous Path Planning Spray Efficiency 4300 ft / 2 hrs
Moving Speed 0 - 3 ft / s Controls Voice Intercom, Remote Control
Charging Method Autonomous charging Work Mode UV, Anion
Working Time 6 Hours (autonomous recharge) Safety Measures Laser and radar obstacle avoidanceLiquid shortage and power cut protection
Obstacle Crossing And Grade Ability ± 10 mm, ≤ 80 Warranty 2 Years
Rapid Disinfection

Disinfects an area of 400 m³ in just 120 mins.

Ensures All Round Safety

Unlike Human sanitization workers, it doesn’t miss a spot.

Contactless Controls

Disinfection schedules can be set using an app, reducing human contact.

Functions Non-Stop

It can be deployed 24X7, which comes handy in time-critical situations.

Intelligent Charging

It doesn’t require human intervention to recharge.

Intelligent navigation

Uses laser-guided navigation to detect obstacles and operate efficiently without getting stuck.