MARVEL (Concept)

UVC Disinfection Cabinet

Our shopping behaviors have certainly changed, more than ever. Consumers are apprehensive to go back to their preferred retail stores and try on new products . It is exactly where MARVEL comes into picture. It’s a UVC Disinfection Cabinet that is crafted carefully for the retail industry keeping in mind both the aesthetic and functional value. It can be used to disinfect apparel as well as the incoming products or other merchandise after the customer has tried them.

Utmost care has been taken for the safety of its users - It comes with a safety switch that automatically turns off the UVC light in case of accidental opening of the cabinet. Plus, it will allow the cabinet to open only once the UVC process is complete.

It will certainly help in winning back your customers’ trust and show them that you care for their safety. 


Outlets, Multiplex, Restaurants, Takeaways, Retail Stores, Offices

Power LED - 20 W
Low Cathode Mercury - 30 W
Voltage 110 - 220 V , 50/60 Hz
Dimension 36 x 15 x 18 in
36 x 24 x 18 in
Weight 100 lbs
Wavelength LED - 260 nm
Low Cathode Mercury - 253.7 nm
Power Factor > 0.90
Housing Stainless Steel Control Protocol Timer Controlled
Power Consumption LED - 20 W
Low Cathode Mercury - 30 W
Material Aluminum, pre-laminated board, ACP
Safety Precautions Auto cut off at opening the door Construction Type Modular
Average Operational Life > 1000 Hrs Sanitization Mode 5 - Minute Cycle
Indicators Timer display illuminates while sanitizing in progress Exterior Dimensions 43 x 18 x 48 in
Interior Volume 14 ft³ Shelf Dimensions 40 x 14 in (38 x 12 in usable)
Finish Yellow UV resistant finish Mounting Free-Standing
  • Does not create Ozone – Ventilation time not required
  • Digital timer display
  • Easy to use 
  • No manual time setting required 
  • 100% automation and accuracy
  • Automatic Safety Switch
  • Aesthetically pleasing to compliment the interiors of a multiplex or a retail store
  • Effective to increase footfall
  • Specially designed to cater to the needs of retail industry
  • No Installation Required – Plug & Play Feature