UV Bulkhead Disinfection Lamp

The Janus UV Bulkhead Disinfection Lamp features a robust vandal-proof design and is designed for application in majorly high-temperature zones. The rugged built combined with heat sinks allow the disinfection lamp to have a high lifespan and require low maintenance.


Office, Stadium, Hospitality, Airports warehouse, Factory Gymnasium, Warehouse, Mining, Industrial, Tunnel

Power 30 W (15 x 2 W), 60 W Voltage 110 - 277 V , 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 9.84 x 4.22 x 3.30 in (For both the wattages) Weight 5 lbs for both the wattages
Wavelength 260 nm Power Factor > 0.95
Coverage Area 250 - 400 sq ft Operating Temperature -40 °F - 131 °F
Radiant Flux 297.6 mW (UVC) Sterilization Efficiency >98%
Beam Angle Asymmetric G5 (>120°) Driving Current 100 mA
Sterilization Technology UVC Housing Aluminum
Warranty 3 Years Options Smart timer, Reversed motion sensor, Alarm
ESD Class 3A JESD22 -A114 -E Thermal Resistance (J to S) Rth JS (Junction / solder)
Life 50000 h

Robust, lightweight and vandal-proof design

IP66 & IK10 protection

Easy to install, operate and maintain

Unique design ensures a wider UV light angle for effective disinfection