Mobile Unit Microwave UV Sterilizer

The Intenza Mobile Unit Microwave UV Sterilizer is designed for the sterilization, air purification, deodorization and formaldehyde removal in spaces with the spaces up to 60 m³. It functions by irradiating the DNA of microorganism, ultraviolet disinfection lamp destroys the structure of DNA and makes it lose the function of reproduction and self replication. It can kill pyogenic coccus, enteropathogenic bacteria and common bacteria in the air.


Factory, Malls, Schools,waiting rooms, offices, Cinema

Power 1280 W Voltage 110V / 277V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions 47.24 X 39.37 X 7.87 in  Weight 139 lbs
Wavelength 254 nm Power Factor > 0.90
Sterilization Efficiency >99.99% Housing Stainless steel frame (Resistant to corrosion)
UV Radiation Intensity ≥ 0.12 μW / sq ft Type Of Ultraviolet Tube Electrodeless Ultraviolet Tube - 0.35 in Length - 0.74 in Diameter
Noise ≤ 55 dB Manner Of Powering Tube 2450 MHz Microwave
No. Of Tubes 15 Antibacterial Rate 90 % - 100 %
Sterilization Technology UVC+ Ozone, electrodeless UV tuve is used (Electrodeless tubes, driven by microwave, with strong UV rays and long lifespan.)  Ozone can disinfect every corner, Electrodeless tubes  has 50% less power consumption Coverage area 1610 sq ft
Disinfection time 0-120 Minute timing  Warranty 1 Year
Package size 1 pcs, Pallet size 47.24 x 17.71 x 59.05 in Gross weight 147.71 lbs

Purifies & Deodorizes the air

Targets DNA of Microorganisms

Clears the air of formaldehyde

Portable for Wider Usage