Microwave UV Sterilizer Bar

It’s a disinfection germicidal lamp.The lamp functions with electrodeless fluorescent tubes, which are not affected by electrode oxidation making it last longer than the conventional tubes. Its 304 stainless steel composition not only makes it anti-corrosion & anti-rust but also reduces UV blockage, enhancing its efficiency. It also helps in heat dissipation. UV + Ozone combination manages to cross over obstacles – ozone does 360° infection by reaching dead angles not exposed to UV.
Disinfection principle: It radiates two kinds of UV rays – 185nm and 253.7nm. While the first one stimulates the oxygen in the air, generating oxidative ozone that destroys the metabolism of bacteria and microorganisms, the other is a high-intensity UV radiation that destroys the DNA & RNA of microorganisms, prohibiting any further reproduction.


Warehouses, Hospitals, Offices, Shopping malls, Gyms, Schools

Power 75 W Voltage 110 - 277 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 34 x 5 x 4 in Wavelength 254 nm
Power Factor > 0.90 Disinfection Time 30, 60, 90 minutes
UV Radiation Intensity ≥ 0.12 μW / sq ft Ozone Concentration > 20 mg / m³ (ozone decomposed to 0 in 60 minutes)
Control Protocol Two timer options, remote control Warranty 1 Year
Coverage Area 107.63 - 645.83 sq ft Sterilization Technology UVC + OZONE
Weight 6.17 lbs Lamp lifetime 8000 h
Effective Area 646 sq ft Package Size (2 Pkgs) 38.58 x 7.08 x 6.29 In (1 Set/Carton) 8.37 lbs

    • Dual disinfection – UV + Ozone
    • 50% less power consumption
    • Longer lifespan over traditional tubes
    • Automatic timer
    • 304 Stainless steel body
    • Eliminates odor
    • No residue
    • Autonomous timing
    • Remote control function
    • Ceramic insulated lamp holder