UV Disinfection Flood Light

The Axenic UV Disinfection Floodlight is a UVC based Sterilizer that features a modular design. It is designed to disinfect large areas and is easy to operate and maintain. Its versatile design increases the beam angle of the disinfection lamps, enabling them to redirect the UVC rays to any direction in their space of the application.


Office, Stadium, Hospitality, Airports warehouse, Factory Gymnasium, Warehouse , Mining, Industrial, Tunnel

Power 50 W, 100 W Voltage 110 - 277 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 11.45 X 4.01 X 10.47 Inches Power Factor > 0.95
Coverage Area 400, 800 sq ft Radiant Flux 595 - 1190 mW (UVC)
Operating Temperature - 40 °F to + 140 °F Sterilization Efficiency >98 %
Wavelength 260 nm + Optional 340 nm Sterilization Technology UVC + Optional UVA
Major Function Kill bacteria and viruses Housing Aluminum Cooling Fin
Driving Current 100 mA Driver Meanwell
Sensor Options/Type of sensor Alarm, Reversed Motion Sensor, Smart Timmer. Installation Ground Installation, Wall Installation, Suspended Installation, Ceiling Installation
Safety Reversed motion sensor (to protect human from burning to working UVC light is necessary, when people left, after 30s, UVC resume to work) and Alarm to remind people next to UVC disinfection lamp to stay away, keep a safe distance. Usage Description A UVC based sterilizer designed to disinfect large spaces. Versatile design enhances the beam angle of the disinfection lamps which helps in redirecting UVC rays to different directions.
Sub Applications Stadium : Ground areas, Basketball court, Suites, Offices, Personnel Facilities
Office : Conference room, Individual offices, Pantry areas, Shipping areas, Other meeting rooms, Reception area
Airports : Waiting areas, Passport control, Customs and immigration, Security and safety area, Parking area
Hospitality :Common walkways, Business center, Rest room, Restaurants
Warehouse : Reception, Loading and unloading docks, Office and customer services, Dispatch area
Factory : Assembly line, Production area, Loading area, Dispatch area

Reduced Operational Costs in comparison to legacy UV fluorescent lamps

Rotatable Modular Design for versatility in applications

Integrated heat sinks for rapid heat dissipation

Devoid to mercury and ozone emissions

Allows pathogen-free environment at the flick of a switch