High Power UV Germicidal Lamp

It’s a higher power UV Lamp that sterilizes bacteria and eliminates formaldehyde and odor. UVC irradiation targets the DNA of bacteria, fractures it and prohibits its further reproduction. Its mite removal rate is very high ensuring better safety from disease-causing pathogens. It comes with a child safety lock function that puts the entire system on standby ensuring further safety for its users. Beamer’s Remote-Control functionality makes it convenient and absolutely contactless while handling the disinfection process.


Hospitals, Kindergarten, Homes, Offices, Hotels, Supermarkets, Restaurants

Power 600 W, 900 W Voltage 110 - 277 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimension 19.68 x 15.74 x 61.81 in Wavelength 254 nm
Power Factor > 0.99 Air Volume 600 W - 31783 ft³
900 W - 47675 ft³
Charging Method AC current Coverage Area 600 W- 2500 sq ft² (Bactericidal Area)
900 W- 3750 sq ft² (Bactericidal Area)
Disinfection Time Can Be Set As Per Need Housing 304 Stainless steel
Major Functions Sterilize and eliminate odors-to kill bacteria and mites Operating Hours 50000 HOURS
Control Remote Control Peak Wavelength 254 nm
Radiant Flux 600 W - 40903 uW / sq ft²
900 W - 81806 uW / sq ft²
Sterilization Efficiency 99.99%*
Sterilization Technology UVC Type of Ultraviolet Tube LVD Tube ( Material quartz)
UV Radiation Intensity 600 W - 4 μW / sq ft²
900 W - 6 μW / sq ft²
Weight 600 W - 88.18 lbs
900 W - 99.20 lbs

360° clean environment

Free movement

Intelligent Remote Control

Convenient sterilization

Child safety lock

Targets bacteria DNA

High mite removal rate

Available in different wattages