Induction Air Sterilizer

The Aeromaxe Air Sterilizer is a disinfection system that is designed to operate in the presence of human beings unlike most UVC based systems. It makes use of state-of-the-art patented electromagnetic Induction Technology to sterilize air. Its mode of operation completely negates the inefficiencies that lags most of the filter screen based air purifiers. It features a TFT touch screen display panel which can be used to set various disinfection modes for the space.


Restaurants, Lobbies, Hospitals, Waiting Halls, the crowded and complex places with high standards and strict requirements

Power 2300 W Voltage 110 - 220 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimension 24 x 20 x 58 in Weight 187 lbs
Operating Temperature 5 °F and 113 °F Air Volume 42370 ft³/ hr
Effective Operation Area 2000 sqft Sterilization Efficiency 89.26% in 15 minutes and 99.91% in 30 minutes
Major Function Running Time Setup, Environment Setup, Running Mode Setup, Warning for Cleaning (Air Sterilization Purifier) Sterilization Technology Induction Matrix Air Sterilization Technology
Housing High Quality Stainless steel

Kills most disease causing pathogens

Uses patented Electromagnetic Induction Technology for disinfection

Reduces the risk of irradiation from UV based disinfection systems

More effective than filter screen based air purifiers

Produces zero VOCs as in the case of spray disinfectants

Easy to operate and maintain