Upper Room Air Indirect Germicidal UV Fixture

Axenic-UV adds another revolutionary product to its Air Disinfection segment. Aeromaxe Pro is an Upper Room Germicidal UV fixture that has been carefully designed to purify the upper room air of those spaces, where humans are present. Hence, it reduces the risk of cross infection amongst people frequenting a particular area, making them less prone to infectious airborne microbes. It uses ultraviolet lamp technology to kill various harmful particles floating in the air that might lead to respiratory allergies, influenza or cold. Aeromaxe Pro boasts of 15 pieces louver collimator design that gives a better glare control, further highlighting its safety aspect for occupied spaces. Its extruded aluminum housing makes it less heavy and robust at the same time.
Operational Process: • Ultraviolet rays project across the upper room air • Air circulation caused due to convection currents carries the bacteria & viruses into the ultraviolet spectrum where they get destroyed • Air in the room continuously gets purified reducing the risk of cross infection


Office, Schools, Hospitality, Hospitals, Municipalities, Nursing Homes, Airports, Gymnasium

Power 30 W Voltage 110 / 277V, 50 / 60Hz
Dimensions 18.11 x 7.32 x 7.32 Inches Wavelength 254nm
Weight 2.20 lbs Housing Anodised aluminum extrusion housing (Anodized Silver)
UVC lamp Tube 1x30 W PLL high quality germicidal lamp UVC lamp Tube life 9000 Hours
UVC intensity at one meter 160 microwatt / square cm Sterilization technology Parallel beams of germicidal UVC rays through collimator into upper air
Installation Wall mounted at least 2.2m above floor level Coverage area 215- 538 ft²
Sub Applications Office : Conference room, Individual offices, Pantry areas, Shipping areas, Other meeting rooms
Schools : Class rooms, restrooms, Common areas
Hospitality : Common walkways, business center, Rest room, Restaurants
Hospitals : Operating rooms, Common areas, Rest rooms, Diagnostic centre, Waiting areas, Nurse stations, Individual rooms
Municipality : Emergency rooms, court rooms, meeting rooms, common areas, rest rooms
Nursing Homes :Living rooms, Group activity rooms, Library, Visiting rooms
Airports : Waiting areas, Passport control, Customs and immigration, Security and safety area
Area covered in X mins/hours Radiation intensity of the 160 micro-watt/sq cm UVC at the distance of one meter, In a typical 2 meter distance from the Aeromaxe Pro in the untraviolet radiation zone, one minute irradiation time would be needed to inactivate the influenza virus
Sensor Options/Type of sensor No sensor option Safety An AIRsteril Upper Room unit uses Thermal convection to draw air into the zone of rays generated by the special louvered / shielded UV lamp and the parabolic reflectors inside the unit. Without any risk to individuals occupying the area. The unit is fitted high on the wall meaning direct exposure to people is impossible, however it can still target airborne contamination across the area.
Usage Description An Upper Room Germicidal UV fixture carefully designed to clean the upper room air of spaces where humans are present. Ultraviolet lamp technology kills harmful partcicles floating in the air.
  • Suitable for occupied spaces
  • Wall mount construction
  • Less energy consumption
  • Low risk of over-exposure
  • Low maintenance
  • Disinfects air in seconds
  • Reduces the risk of cross infection
  • Extruded aluminum construction
  • 15 pieces louver collimator design
  • Extruded high reflective twin focus reflector
  • Kills 99.9%˟ of airborne bacteria & pathogens
  • Effective for black mold & fungal growth
  • Reduces odor
  • Reduces respiratory allergens