Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has installed seven UVC light-based sanitizers on some of its pre-security check escalators in a bid to strengthen its existing efforts towards the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. 

With this move, the airport has joined others in the aviation industry, who have turned to UVC technology to ensure hassle-free travel experiences. Though it is an age-old technology, its effectiveness as a potential disinfectant has come to the forefront only recently. UVC-based machines and devices are being tested rigorously to kill various kinds of viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms.

Keeping that in mind, Sky Harbor authorities have installed UVC lights underneath escalator handrails to facilitate their continuous sanitization. "UVC is a lower-spectrum, specific light that is known to be a germicide. So, what it does, that light actually kills and destroys microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and molds," asserted Gabriel Nevarez, Deputy Aviation Director for Facilities and Services (Sky Harbor) as reported by

Sky Harbor has installed these UVC lights in two escalators at Terminal 3 and three escalators at Terminal 4 as they happen to be the busiest and have the highest foot traffic. These efforts are part of its pilot program, and if successful, will be extended to other areas of the airport as well.

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