Smartphones are now a part of the protection that illuminates 98% of bacteria and viruses present on surfaces through the novel UVC light it generates.   

The UVC Labs Wave is a slim, compact, rechargeable lamp that emits safe ultraviolet light, making it sanitize a surface within the illumination of 15 to 30 seconds. This is low maintenance with a long battery span, once charged fully up to 100 uses, including a charging time of just 30 minutes. This sanitization of 98% germs has been proved by the laboratory in San Francisco, CA, USA.   

When brought into practice, the Wave is fixed in the rear of smartphones by peeling the protective cover off the adhesive strip and pressing it into the right place. Once the app is downloaded, the Wave is connected to smartphones Bluetooth 5.0. The app also has a lock feature in it to keep it safe for children. This app guides the user through the sanitization and scanning process to know how much sanitization is required. The Wave in this app is available in two colors, black and white.   

Karim Abud, CEO of UV-C Labs, said, “Not all UV-C light devices are created equally. Devices need to hit the sweet spot on effectively eliminating pathogens while being safe for humans. The Wave went through rigorous testing to ensure both of these aspects were prioritized.” “Whether hitting the gym or dining out, there is always space for Wave. With the slick build of Wave, users may forget about the powerful sanitation tool at their fingertips,” he added further.