Recently it has been reported that the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) has discussed the immense use of UV products since the onset of the pandemic. They have talked about setting few standards for their usage in the industries. Today, good health and hygiene are the top priority of every place, be it professional or personal. Moreover, reports have also shown, a specific wavelength of ultraviolet rays, if appropriately used, leads to the destruction of pathogens causing COVID-19.   

To find out more on the same, IUVA has developed certain norms which need to be adopted by the industries to access the credibility of UVC based products. UVC disinfection technology works in a more advanced way when compared to other disinfection methods in the healthcare sector. UVworks by emitting invisible radiation, which destroys pathogens like DNA and RNA by not producing further.   

The advantage of using UVover conventional methods is that there is no chemical residue once the treatment is over and no further production of superbugs. They are even cheap as compared with other methods. Therefore, companies should know about the UV technology they are using, how is it helpful and reliable? One of the significant challenges here is convincing the regulators and healthcare agencies comfortable with technologies that have been in the market for the past hundred years but were never talked about. Although the usage of UV technologies was stopped in between due to the reliability issue, the case is not the same.   

Now the safety of UV technologies is well considered by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and UL guidelines. Since standards lack in keeping an eye on the effectiveness of UVC disinfection products, IUVA is working to change with the association of IES, ASHRAE and NIST. Several studies and guidelines address the efficacy of UVC devices, but none are performed in a standardized manner, which leads to very inconsistent results.