A leader in sustainable and human-centric lighting technologies, Energy Focus Inc., including UV by Energy Focus series of Virus-Targeted UVC Air Disinfectors, received an independent, third-party Microbial Reduction Rate Test Report. The report was based on the efficacy of nUVo™ Tower and nUVo™ Traveler from one of the largest independent testing labs in the world and a total quality assurance provider commissioned by the Company. 

As per the report, both nUVo™ Tower and nUVo™ Traveler portable and personal UVC air disinfectors have been presented in independent testing to attain a microbial reduction of the airborne virus, bacteria, and mold between 94.1% and 99.9% in 30 minutes. 

The Chairman and CEO of Energy Focus, Inc., James Tu said, “This independent test report confirms the high efficacy of our nUVo™ products, and we welcome all of our stakeholders to review it.”  

nUVo™ Tower and Traveler are each designed in a way to be safe, filter-free, and powerful for both commercial and consumer applications. We look forward to bringing them to people worldwide who are actively seeking safe spaces wherever they are, and they go. This initiative aims to cater to life after the pandemic, which inches towards the new normal where environmental hygiene is considered imperative for people to come together. 

Senior VP of Product Management and Engineering at Energy Focus, Greg Galluccio, said, “We strive to bring the latest technological innovations to our customers, including two of the most pioneering, powerful virus-targeted UVC air disinfectors on the market. This testing is an exciting validation of our team’s dedication to delivering peace of mind by improving indoor air quality through the utilization of these portable and personal airborne pathogen disinfectors.”