Colors are one of the most beautiful creations of God, which no one can deny. Can we imagine, if there were no colors on this planet, then would we ever be able to find everything as interesting as we see it today? There was a time when movies were released in black and white print, but can we adapt that system again? No, right? This is so because we all like the beauty of colors.    

Moreover, we have always come across the term VIBGYOR and have studied it in our school days. But have we ever thought of what is the essence of it? How is it related to UV lights? What is its wavelength? Maybe not. It's a well-known fact that human eyes can sense colors. Still, we don't know the exact reason behind this concept, which is electromagnetic radiation that colors have, including various light wavelengths.   

Let’s understand the essence of the seven colors of VIBGYOR- 

  1. Violet 

Violet is a combination of red and blue colors. It is considered the color of spirituality, relaxation, generosity, and beauty. It has a frequency of 668 THz to 789 THz and travels in a wavelength between 400 to 440. 

  1. Indigo 

This color is considered the element of imagination, serenity, understanding, intuition awareness. It is also the one that bridges the gap between finite and infinite. It tightens the skin, nourishes ligaments, cartilages and bones. It has a frequency of 600 THz to 700 THz and travels in a wavelength between 440 to 460. 

  1. Blue 

Blue is often perceived as a color of mental relaxation and confidence. This color can cure throat problems, cough, skin ailments, and dyslexia. It has a frequency of 606 THz to 668 THz and travels in a wavelength between 460 to 500. 

  1. Green 

Green is considered to be the color of balance, growth, fertility, health, and wealth. It is the master color, and it promotes calmness, hope, peace and relaxes the brain. It can fight fever and typhoid, along with curing skin problems. It has a frequency of 526 THz to 606 THz and travels in a wavelength between 500 to 570. 

  1. Yellow 

Yellow is considered to be the color of sunshine. It is also seen as the element of mental clarity, cheerfulness, orderliness, concentration, and wisdom. This color can cure the skin.  It has a frequency of 508 THz to 526 THz and travels in a wavelength between 570 t0 590. 

  1. Orange 

It is a dynamic color that represents happiness, practicality, creativity, controllability, and social confidence. It can cure hypertension, anxiety, anemia, and depression. It has a frequency of 484THz to 508 THz and travels in a wavelength between 590 to 620. 

  1. Red 

Red is often considered to be the color of power. It can cure obesity, asthma, anemia, and many other issues. It has a frequency of 400 THz to 484 THz and travels in a wavelength between 620 to 720. 

The human eye can detect the color in the wavelength range between 400nm to 700nm, called a visible spectrum or visible light. Other organisms can see outside the light however cannot be recognized by the human eye. Different colors of light correspond with narrow wavelength bands. These are pure spectral colors, namely VIBGYOR, which is the full description of all of them narrated above.