Today the world has evolved a lot more than it was before. It's not just the case of its beautification but in terms of science and technology too. Today we need not think or wait for anything before planning anything, except for our convivence. From a minor thing to the most prioritized thing, the world has grown and is still growing in all its sectors, be it industrial, food and agricultural, lightings, etc. We wouldn't have expected it to be of any use, but it has become helpful today. So, did we ever think that the Ultra Violet Rays, from which we always try to protect ourselves, will be used in technologies to protect us from diseases and infections? Probably No!    

There are many big lighting brands, which work towards making the best use of UVC through their technologies. One such brand is Axenic-UV in Indianapolis, the US, which has contributed and contributing a lot to the world and especially to the citizens of Indianapolis, US. They have changed the perception of UV through their developments and describes UV light as the primary contributor to the disinfection process. For UV sterilization, only UVC has the highest energy to kill the microorganisms present in the environment and is not suitable for our health. High energy from short wavelength UVC light is required to attack the cellular DNA and RNA for killing disease-causing pathogens. The UVC helps in destroying the nucleic acid present in these microorganisms to prevent reproduction and infection.      

The absorption of UVC energy causes molecule dimerization, particularly thymine. The formation of thymine dimers prevents replication and its ability to cause infection to enter the DNA. This is one of the essential reasons that disinfection with UVC requires areas to be vacated to avoid any type of harm to humans. Another important point of note is that, since the destruction of biomolecules requires UV sterilization, its effectiveness is based on the length of exposure time and its distance from the source of light. For example, if we use a UV lamp held within one inch above a petri dish grown with E. coli, it will take 1-2 min to show complete sterilization. Moreover, for products like UVbots or UVT8 lamps that you choose for disinfecting hospitals or educational facilities, UV sterilization is a great option to ensure clean and disease-free environments.    

How is UV Light Helpful in Cleaning Air?  

We might have never noticed, but a bright light shone on the ultraviolet light, which is the spectrum of light beyond our visibility range with several wavelength bands. Similar to UV-A and UV-B rays, a third type, UV-C, helps kill pathogens creating germs. Researches have also shown that it takes only a fraction of seconds for UV-C to reduce specific pathogens using proper doses. To prove its usage International Ultraviolet Association has said, "UVlight has been used immensely from past 40 years to disinfect drinking water, wastewater, pharmaceutical products, air, and surfaces against many human pathogens."   

Let's have a look at the few examples which tells us how this technology works-  

  1. Aircraft  

Clinical research has shown that the lifespan of pathogens increases in cool temperatures; one such example is aircraft. "Airlines need to get their surfaces clean between each flight and adequately applied; UV-C can enhance cleaning efforts of Airlines," says Bob Lenz, who holds the experience of seven years overseeing Aerospace technology products. Cabins are deployed with UV-light with a combination of specially designed lights to deliver UV- light at specified distances and angles to treat high-touch surfaces. UV cleaning is also applied to other areas while travelling, including baggage compartments, galleys, and lavatories.  

  1. Buildings  

It has been studied that air stagnates in the inside buildings. Therefore, to help these areas reoccupy, multiple UV-C solutions have been made. One standard method to practice this is by practicing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) to combine recirculated air with outdoor air. An alternative for doing this and making this simple, UVC light is used, which is used above or below ceiling tiles.    

These are some of the methods/types in which UVC light is used for bringing a positive outcome. Axenic-UV is one such brand that caters to all these needs.