UVC refers to ultraviolet radiation with frequencies ranging between 200 to 290 nm. UVC radiation is a disinfectant for air, water, and impenetrable and nonporous surfaces. UVC radiation has viably been utilized for quite a long time to decrease the spread of microbes, like tuberculosis. For a long time, UVC radiation has been used to restrict the spread of microbes, microorganisms, and so forth. UVC disinfection strategies are quick, secure, practical, and profoundly compelling, subsequently guaranteeing contactless fast disinfection. Some recent studies have demonstrated that UVC radiation assists with crushing the external side protein covering of SARS-Coronavirus.  

Concept of 222 nm UVC 

The Far-UVC light (222 nm) is an alternative that helps in cutting down the pathogens which cause COVID-19. The best part of 222 nm is that it doesn't cause any harm to the human tissue. It is viewed as a considerably more secure strategy, and its immediate exposure is not considered risky for the human eye and skin.   

Subsequently, perhaps it ought to be noticed that the more significant part of the harmful synthetic compounds or chemicals utilized while cleaning and disinfecting the items, UV light accompanies has a substantial benefit of being eco-friendly and is a physical process.   

Advantages of UV Lights 

UV light accompanies its very own few advantages, one significant being that disinfection is viewed as more compelling and proficient when contrasted with different strategies for disinfection. Unlike other traditional disinfection methods present in today's scenario, which are primarily chemical processes in nature, disinfection of UV light is a physical method that helps in killing anti-microbial agents and bacteria.  

Secondly, talking about other benefits of the UV light disinfection, it does not have to be portable, which, in layman's terms, means that one can install the units without the help of a person to be in the room or the area as it works autonomously.   

Thirdly, along with its other advantages, UVC also prevents disease-causing pathogens like drug-resistant bacteria. Therefore, it is safe to say that UV light disinfection technology is much more effective, efficient, convenient, and secure. It uses ultraviolet technology to kill bacteria and germs faster and is safer than other traditional disinfection methods that have been in use for ages.  

Fourthly, UV light disinfection is easily affordable, which is one of the most concerning things for the public. As we all have a general perception that, these things could fit easily in our budget. But in actual it is budget-friendly. Moreover, investing in UV light disinfection technology is a one-time investment that doesn't require any labor charge and maintenance cost over time.  

Therefore, it is always a wise idea to look after the benefits of UV lights and consider their usage in our day-to-day lifestyle.