We all miss the time we had, passed one year when we didn't have to put on our masks before leaving our home when we didn't have to think twice before going out when everything was simple. But it's not the same anymore, with different waves of COVID-19 coming every year, and the sad part is, we don't know by when is everything going to resolve. We know that we are all going through a hard time because of this pandemic and trying hard to cope.     

At this time, when we get to know about companies like Axenic-UV, there comes hope for things to settle, as they provide advanced technologies to fight against the pandemic with their detection and disinfection products. It is visible today that these two things are of high priority since the onset of the pandemic. Today, everyone wants to be safe with the highest measures of caution which they can take. Sanitization of public spaces is a necessity, and governments are now more actively taking part in all sorts of sanitization activities.    

Therefore, making public spaces safe with some technologies is the best solution to practice. Different areas can be covered when it comes to detection and disinfection. Some of them are-   

  1. Detection Systems   

Products like MARCO and TANTUM of Axenic-UV act best when it comes to the detection system. The Marco Door Frame temperature detector uses Thermal Imaging Technology to detect elevated temperatures of visitors who walk through it. This system successfully mitigates the risks of cross-infection by manual testing. But in the case of Tantum, an ultra-thin face recognition thermometer, like its counterparts, uses Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology to detect the body temperature of any visitor. However, the feature which sets it apart is the industrial-grade binocular camera with live face recognition technology, enabling face-with-mask identification. One of the best parts of using these products is they don't have any side effects.    

  1. Surface Detection   

The disinfecting surface is another vital thing to make surfaces clean. Products like SANI BOT to STALWART PRO are the ones that cater to all such demands of sterility. Any pathogens causing viruses can survive on surfaces for a more extended time. But Axenic-UV uses germicidal UVc Disinfectant Atomizer and Microwave UV to destroy or neutralize pathogens by breaking down their DNA structure.    

  1. Air Disinfection   

Airborne diseases have a high risk of spreading as compared to any other. We also know that since the COVID-19 global pandemic, it was also reported that it was spreading through the air. Axenic-UV's, Induction Air Sterilization, and Atomizing Disinfection Spray technologies rapidly disinfect spaces to ensure disease-free hygienic indoor environments. Products like AEROMAXE, HOVER, and AEROMAXE PRO cater to all these needs of aerial fumigation.    

Moreover, all these products of Axenic-UV travel in the wavelength of 222 nm, which does not irritate human tissue. They also have 222 nm Far-UVc Lights, which cater to all disinfection solutions.    

It's time to switch on to Axenic-UV products for better protection.