It is often quoted, "Change is the only constant," but we don't want to accept these changes even if they are for our goodwill. This is because we have adapted to what we have been going through and don't want sometimes to manage the change. But the COVID-19 pandemic has made us all realize that change is essential for our betterment. Have we ever thought that we all will be wearing masks every time we go out? No! But we are wearing the same to protect ourselves. Therefore, keeping in mind the wellbeing of the people, Axenic-UV has also taken the initiative, where they launched disinfection products, which are going to help in dealing with the pandemic by killing the bacteria present in the environment.   

As it already aired in the news that COVID-19 is now being detected in the air and spreading through the same, Axenic-UV has products to kill those germs. Airborne pathogens are not new to the environment but are definitely the case for diseases spreading worldwide. These diseases can spread widely through HVAC systems, especially in an indoor environment. Therefore, Axenic's UVC Induction Air Sterilization and Automation Disinfection Spray technologies have become useful for protecting indoor environments like shopping malls, theaters, and so on.   

Early Detection  

Another exciting feature of Axenic-UV products is that they help in detecting the disease at an early stage. This becomes a deterrent method of reducing the spread of any disease. Therefore, Axenic's Early Detection System uses Thermal Imaging Technology for detecting individuals with hoist temperature. So, once it is detected, that individual can be stopped from entering places that are sanitized. This device is actually a relief for the United States people, as Axenic-UV is taking the initiative to save the lives of people from this pandemic.   

Surface Disinfection  

It is not a hidden fact that COVID-19 is expected to exist on a surface for a long while and, at times, days. Disinfection of the surface is critical at times when it comes to the prevention of cross-contamination and most healthcare-associated infections (HAI). The Rapid Surface Disinfection Systems of Axenic uses Germicidal UVC, Disinfectant Atomizer, and Microwave UV, which helps destroy or neutralize pathogens by breaking down their DNA structure.   

Axenic-UV is turning to be the future of quality disinfection by coming up with revolutionary technologies that destroy pathogens like bacteria and viruses, which are proven to be deadly in recent times. Axenic-UV specializes in Sanitizing Robots, Sanitizing Sticks, Sanitizing Lamps, HVAC UV sanitizers, UV Sanitizers, UV Sanitizing Lamps, and UV Tubes.   

Axenic-UV has come up with multiple products like these to deal with the pandemic, covering places from Gym and Athletics centers, Schools and Universities, Hospitals, Public Transports, Offices, Grocery and Retail Stores to make the people feel safe.   

In the current situation, everybody wants a safe and secure environment where they can move without any fear. To solve this issue of the public, Axenic-UV has launched many new products catering to the needs of the public. Moreover, Axenic-UV is not a company that works only for themselves, but it is the one, which tries to help their public in some way or the other.   

Axenic's Future Plans  

Axenic-UV launch of these products helps business and facility operators more broadly with germicidal solutions and for the purpose of detection and disinfection. These things take the safety parameters to the next level. The company's whole system is developed under the conformance of FDA and guidelines issued by UL, with a wide range of sanitization duties.   

The company is also involved in making its product portfolio diverse by introducing disinfection systems like Smart UVC Robots, Wall and Ceiling mounted UV lamps, Mobile UVC Sterilization Devices, devices related to non-UV induction-based air disinfection, and Modules of HVAC sterilization.   

Axenic-UV CEO Ekamdeep Sing has shared his thoughts on his brand and said, "The uniqueness of Axenic-UV Systems lies in their diverse use of germicidal technologies which appeal to a broad range of users." In addition, to which he has also said, "We aim to unlock the extraordinary potential of Germicidal UVC and latest innovative disinfection and detection technologies for a disease-free world, that doesn't have to come to a grinding halt because of disease outbreaks."   

We all are well aware of how airborne and surface disease can spread rapidly, in view of the current pandemic COVID-19, which has pushed the governments across the globe to cripple into lockdown worldwide. Therefore, the use of UVC has made its highest record in getting away with the HAIs within the health sector industries. Moreover, it has already become a sword too for many fighting against the pandemic, and these sectors include, Education, Industrial, Commercial, Entertainment, and Retail.   

Axenic-UV has turned into a leading disinfection solution brand in America. The aim also calls to be led to eradicate harmful pathogen industry and ensure the environment is safe and disease-free.