Acquired infections are a significant and increasing problem in today’s world, where each year millions of people are infected due to infections acquired at hospitals, at work, at schools, at supermarkets, or at other such crowded places. This makes development in the area of disinfection the need of the hour.

Models using UVC light are new normal at various public places across the globe in a bid to disinfect surfaces. The use of UVC based automated disinfection equipment not only reduces human exposure to the virus but is also proving to be more rigorous and effective in decontaminating spaces. The amalgamation of robotics with disinfection is a path breaking development in science and healthcare. The merits of combining Robotics and UVC disinfection are hard to count. To sum up, here are a few:

UVC disinfection robots are non-chemical, thus are non-toxic.

One of the most important benefits of UVC disinfection robots is that they are non-toxic. Unlike harsh chemicals that are sometimes used in cleaning and sanitization products, UVC disinfection robots use natural phenomenon. They may be safely be used on food and non-food items. While human beings can be harmed by excessive UV exposure, but when used through robots, it is a safe and non-toxic disinfection method for offices, schools, restaurant, hospitality, supermarkets, malls and medical industries.

UVC disinfection robots are cost-efficient.

It might surprise you to know that UV disinfection robots are cost-efficient sanitization method. People sometimes assume that they are costly because they use technology instead of chemicals, but that is not the case. A one-time investment in UV light disinfection technology can save you time and money for years. There is no fixed cost attached related to any refill which makes them an investment than an expenditure.

UVC disinfection robots do not require assistive human labour.

These robots are autonomous and thus, do not require human assistance. This not only make them even better at cost efficiency but also rule out the chances of lack of precision due to human error.

 UVC disinfection robots can reach difficult to reach places and hidden areas.

Due to their compact size and features like automatic path managements, these robots can reach places and disinfect corners which would otherwise be overlooked or missed. This gives them a huge edge over other fixed and manual ways of disinfection.

 UVC disinfection robots can get us rid of not only pathogens but also superbugs.

Over the years, many pathogens have become immune to the regular disinfection methods. Moreover, they have become immune to the available anti-bacterial and anti-viral drugs. This makes them a bigger threat to the mankind. Medical experts have termed these pathogens as superbugs. UVC disinfection robots can act as a pioneer in getting us rid of these superbugs and providing us a safer public environment.

UV disinfection robots are environment friendly. 

With increased threats of diseases, especially epidemics and pandemics, the demand for alcohol-based sanitisers, disinfectants, PPE kits etc is on all-time high. With these, our consumption of single use plastic is alarming high. This has led us to the stage where the solution of the problem has become worse than the problem. However, the UVC disinfection robots are environment friendly and do not pose such threats the planet.

With a broad mix of experience and expertise, the team at axenic-UV were confident that they could develop a range of products which will not only aim at protecting the mankind but also be a part of sustainable development. UVC disinfection solutions like Sani Bot & Puro Bot are products of mind and mindfulness which are surely the present and the future of disinfection technology.